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Strawberry Spritzer


Taylerson's Products

10ml Strawberry Syrup

If required:
5ml Mint Syrup

Additional Ingredients

50ml Vodka
15ml Aperol Spritz
15ml lemon juice
1tspn strawberry jam
1 can of lemonade (330ml)
(serves 2)

Mint sprig
Lemon slice
Half a strawberry


Fill up your chosen glass halfway with ice
Pour over the vodka, aperol spritz and the lemon juice
Add the strawberry syrup and strawberry jam
Give these ingredients a good mix with a barspoon
Top up with ice and lemonade, before arranging the lemon, strawberry and mint garnish elegantly on top
Lovely for those hot summer days

As a twist add a dash of Taylerson’s Mint Syrup

Mint Syrup

Strawberry Syrup